Tue 22 Jun 2021

How to reduce packaging costs

Regardless of if you’re a luxury brand or small start-up, it’s always necessary to identify ways to reduce costs. As packaging is a constant, it’s an easy place to begin, and there are many ways of reducing the cost without sacrificing the quality of your products:

Merwave Bespoke Box

Simplify the contents

You can easily cut down on printing costs by printing your thank you note or instructions directly on your packaging rather than adding flyers or extra marketing materials within the custom box.

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Size does matter

Using standard size boxes may seem a simple option, but the hidden fees could be paramount. Opting for custom sized boxes can save you money on shipping as larger boxes cost more to post. Custom bespoke boxes are designed to fit your product perfectly, holding the product securely which can also minimise breakages in transmit!

Bespoke Bulk Boxes In Storage

Order in bulk

If you’re ordering packaging, it’s understandable you may want a minimum order, but keep in mind that ordering in bulk saves you money in the long run. Don’t worry if you don’t have anywhere to store your boxes – we offer storage solutions!

Elvive Hair Routine Custom Box Hashtags

Use your packaging as a platform

Interactive packaging is one way to get your consumers talking. Adding ‘instagrammable’ features such as QR codes and unique unboxing elements matched with recognisable hashtags can encourage your audience to promote your product for free!

Exploring Packaging Warehouse

Stick with your supplier

Working with multiple suppliers can confuse the process and add unwanted, extra postage fees, whereas opting for the same supplier will demonstrate loyalty, save you delivery costs as well as giving you a clear point of contact for all things associated with your packaging.

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Sample materials

If you need something to protect your product, make sure to test different materials. Whilst tissue paper may be cheap, if it’s going to increase the chance of damaging your product during postage, is the price worth it?

For example, Vagabond Wines approached us after using standard size boxes with tissue paper for their wine samples. The products would often arrive damaged. We fixed them up with a corrugated cardboard insert which protects and holds the samples in place securely!

Vagabond Wine Custom Box

Keep your staff savvy!

Train your staff to be wary of things that can increase production costs, like the physical distance between where you store your products and your packaging.

Top tip: Keep an eye on stocks, not enough can lead to shortages and delays and too much keeps your money on the shelf!

There are many ways to lower your packaging expenses without lowering the quality or the customer experience. Be wary that customers WILL pay more for sustainable products but that doesn’t mean they don’t love a bargain either!

As long as your quality remains intact, your customer will be happy. Start your packaging journey today and request a custom quote from info@packaging-works.co.uk.

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