Fri 21 May 2021

Packaging Round Up: Alcohol packaging designed during lockdown!

Alcohol has really got us through lockdown! 😉 We are so grateful for our clients who have supported our business throughout this difficult time by investing in luxurious, secure packaging for alcoholic drinks.

When you’re creating packaging for an alcohol brand, there are many factors you must consider. Most alcoholic drinks are easily breakable and supplied in either glass bottles or cans; because of this when it comes to alcohol boxes, the inside is just as important as the outside.

Vagabond Wines had an epiphany after using plain boxes and tissue paper to transport their wine samples. The brand found their samples often arrived damaged giving them something to whine about, as well as this, they had been missing out on the chance to advertise on their packaging.

Bespoke Vagabond Wine Box

We created a rustic, paint-splatted box, complete with two inserts; one to hold the samples in place to prevent damage in transmit and another removable insert with information and geotag leading to their site.

Royal Salute Whiskey

It’s no surprise that one or two drinks has offered escapism during the pandemic; Royal Salute encompassed some of this in their recent box design. The custom box contained an insert with a dreamy scene by the sea, taking the consumer far away from their home.

Rustic, brown, cardboard boxes remained a popular choice amongst our customers this year, and it is probably because of the eco-friendly benefits. The Whiskey Lounge opted for a simple spirited box for their tasting pack, serving us classy and husky notes!

The Whisky Lounge Bespoke Box

Glasgow Warriors and The Famous Grouse have shared a sponsorship for years due to their historic Scottish connections. The two collaborated to create this unique gift package holding both a bottle of the classic whiskey and another box holding two tumblers.

Famous Grouse Glasgow Warriors Boxes

Last Christmas we had the pleasure of creating another bespoke box for Maker’s Mark. The patterned promotional packaging held a Christmas jumper and a little bottle of the whiskey – we’re pretty sure they made their mark with this one!

Maker's Mark Box

We’d like to say cheers to all of the companies who chose to create packaging with us during lockdown. If you have any more packaging ideas and would like a custom quote, simply email today and we’ll get back to you!

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