Thu 16 Jul 2020

Guide to packaging inserts:

The success of your product relies somewhat on your packaging – one of the most effective ways of showing your brand. If clients are paying a high price for a product, the way it is presented should reflect that. Packaging inserts can add value to your product.

What are packaging inserts?

Cut outs cardboard

A packaging insert is a mould inside your box that encases your product, holding it in place. Not all brands choose to use packaging inserts, but here are some ways they can benefit you:

  1. Inserts hold your product in place: The simplest way to put it is – inserts are a way of keeping your product from moving around inside your box.


  1. Inserts help display your product: Using inserts ensure your product arrives with your influencer or consumer as you envisioned, displaying your product attractively.


  1. Inserts prevent your product from damage: Without inserts, your product is free to roll around your box, which can break your product. An insert creates a ‘snug’ for your product to stop this happening!


  1. Inserts can show the customer you care: Good packaging adds value for your consumer, adding accessories like inserts, tissues and magnetic closures can show that you go the extra mile.


  1. Inserts enhance user experience: Consumers are more likely to remain loyal to brands if they experience value for money. Products that are presented beautifully during unboxing feel rewarding.

What materials can be used for packaging inserts?

cardboard cut out


Cardboard is easily recycled and reused which makes it a favourite amongst brands. Cardboard inserts are good for showcasing products as you can print text onto the inserts. Brands often double up and place cardboard inserts on top of foam for extra protection.

foam inserts


Products which are heavy and easily damaged benefit from foam inserts. Some types of foam are environmentally friendly making it desirable to many brands. Foam is light but also grips products firmly, making it a favourite with alcoholic products.

If you have any questions about which packaging inserts are right for your product or if you are ready to start designing your own bespoke packaging, get in touch!

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