Thu 22 Aug 2019

How to transition to eco-friendly packaging

Save the Earth and your customer base by committing to eco-friendly packaging! Here are some tips on how to stop using plastic packaging and transition to environmentally friendly packaging.

Have you noticed the videos on Twitter of excess packaging or the headlines shaming companies using non-recyclable packaging? Packaging is a huge deal at the moment with climate change on everyone’s mind and people are taking note of how brands are responding.

It’s not difficult to choose to rehaul your packaging and update it to be as eco-friendly as possible. Stock is probably the most difficult issue for most companies, which is why it’s important to set your business a deadline to become 100% recyclable and to ditch plastic.

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind for designing eco-friendly packaging.

recyclable or reusable packaging

Consider what your packaging needs – and where you have excess.

Minimalism is key when it comes to producing recyclable packaging. Less is more – not only in terms of material but also because minimalism will give your brand a nice clean aesthetic! This is where custom packaging is really helpful, as it can be tailored specifically to your product.

Examine the weight of your product in relation to the weight of the packaging – could you be using thinner boxes? Is the box just the right size for your product or could it be smaller?

eco friendly package

Choosing eco-friendly packaging materials.

First of all, scratch all plastic and Styrofoam used in your packaging if possible. The Earth will thank you!

Choose cardboard, paper and cardboard materials wherever possible. These are the most sustainable and recyclable materials, and they’ll even make your brand look ‘green.’ Make sure to ask your packaging supplier (us ūüėČ ) where the board was sourced from (sustainable, managed forests by accredited suppliers).¬† Choose board that is fully biodegradable.

Even the ink used to print your logo on your custom packaging can be more eco-friendly: opt for vegetable ink, and use it minimally when possible.

If you require inserts to hold products in place inside the box, make sure these are also made of sustainable and recyclable materials. Bespoke cardboard inserts can be die cut to suit your product and tissue paper can keep it in place.

Go high quality 

Another idea to consider is creating packaging that can be reused by your consumers. Why not invest in proper packaging that customers will keep around – a nice reminder of your brand that they could see daily! You could even include a leaflet or note on the packaging hinting at ways to reuse the box.

Go green with your brand

Now that you’ve dedicated to being eco-friendly, make sure your customers recognise it! Include a ‘recycle me’ symbol on your packaging to ensure they’re responsible with it. Give yourself some credit, too, with a press release or blog post explaining your efforts to help save our planet.

Ready to make the move to eco-friendly packaging? Get in touch with our team of packaging experts who can ensure the process goes smoothly for you!

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