Fri 23 Nov 2018

Eco-friendly packaging and what it says about your brand

It pays to be green. Give your retail business a competitive edge by choosing eco-friendly packaging!

Protecting the planet should be important to you as a business owner, marketeer, product designer or just as an Earthly being! It’s also a ‘hot’ topic in retail for everyone from politicians to consumers…

Token marketing statistic: 62% of customers prefer brands whose packaging is designed to be recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

Surprising? Probably not. However, have you taken a moment to consider the impact your product packaging might be having on the environment?

Token pitch: Go green with eco-friendly custom packaging

Of course, this is when we tell you that our boxes are full recyclable.

They’re made from cardboard covered with high quality paper. That may not sound impressive, but you can see loads of examples of our clients’ gorgeous custom boxes on our inspiration page or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

All our papers and boards come from suppliers who only source from sustainable, managed forests. This means that, by nature, they are fully recyclable!

We also do our best to minimise waste in all areas of our business. We offer a minimum order number of 30 for square/rectangular boxes (token toot of our own horn: this is very unique in the packaging industry!) This means that businesses launching new products or producing seasonal offerings need not waste on materials.

Interested in the specifics of our green packages?

green packaging

Our square/rectangular custom boxes are the greenest packaging option since they are made from the following:

  • Fibre source: 100% post-consumer recycled waste
  • Bleaching: The pulp in this product is not bleached
  • Board thickness: 2mm or 1.2mm
  • Disposal: This material can be disposed of by recycling, incineration for energy recovery or is biodegradable

Our cylindrical boxes are made from pulpboard which is:

  • Totally chlorine free
  • Recyclable

Custom box covering materials

  • Wood-free, acid-free, biodegradable and age-resistant
  • ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) fibre
  • Totally recyclable and made of sustainable materials

We also use vegetable printing ink.


Ready to go green with your packaging? Design your own custom box online or contact us to discuss your green ideas!

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