Tue 28 Jul 2020

Promotional drinks packaging - boxes to toast to!

Get your customers in the spirit with tasty alcohol packaging.

We have plenty of experience helping food and drinks companies bring their packaging ideas to life. Over the past few years, promotional packaging has grown in popularity alongside influencer culture.

Maker’s Mark wanted promotional packaging for a selection of their mixing tools. They chose a stunning red box, matching the characterful red of their iconic wax seal. The box includes a foam insert to hold the products in place and a magnetic closure and clasp adding a luxury finishing touch.

This promotional Roku Gin box was created to hold a bottle of gin, a lemon and ginger tonic, a jigger, measuring cup and spoon. The simplistic choice of a white box alongside their fragrant logo represents the Japanese gin company perfectly. The box also featured a foam insert and magnetic closure like the Maker’s Mark box but without the clasp.

roku gin box

Mike’s Hard hit the spot with their zesty yellow boxes for alcoholic sparkling water. One of our favourite elements of the design is the use of emojis and a tweet printed inside the box lid – it is easy to guess which generation they are targeting!

Mikes Alcohol

Whilst we did not create this box recently, it would be impossible to mention promotional drinks packaging without including the Edinburgh Gin fortune-telling ball, released last year.  The box shows the importance of text with enjoyable puns like ‘it’s your ultimate spirit guide’. The playful packaging was used to promote their new Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin and with puns like that we were instantly SOLD!

gin ball

Why not take a shot and drop us an email to info@packaging-works.co.uk for a custom quote for your packaging ideas! You can find more packaging inspiration here.

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