Thu 19 Mar 2020

Getting interactive with bespoke packaging

You may feel your custom packaging is the very best it can be, but is it interactive?

Interactive bespoke packaging adds a whole new layer to the unboxing experience! You can add many different aspects to your packaging to make it interactive – even one clever technique tends to be enough to make you stand out.

printed bespoke box insert

Examples of ways to ‘gamify’ your packaging

Our brilliant client, Colgate, wanted a custom packaging design that promotes how good the product they are selling is. The packaging design came with an insert that holds some chocolate lips and a hammer on the outside of the box to break the lips.

When you use the hammer to break the lips, it reveals the toothpaste in the bottom of the insert to show how Colgate makes your teeth super white even after eating chocolate!

This kind of interactive packaging can apply across a huge age bracket, making it fun for kids, too. 😊

Social media and bespoke packaging

Another client of ours has a tweet printed inside of the custom packaging. This method of interaction means customers can visit the social media pages and get involved in the discussions online. Another factor of using social media as a way of interaction means you can increase your publicity online, which may lead to even more sales. 😉

social media packaging

Make it a music box

A more unique method of making your packaging interactive is audio! As long as you have an idea of some relatable audio you could add that into the unboxing experience. The best ways for implementing audio into your packaging is the use of QR codes or Spotify codes, which when scanned will take you to a specific song, playlist or page!

packaging with spotify code

If you have any ideas about implementing interaction into your custom packaging, let us know your ideas, or have a go at building your new interactive packaging on our box designer.

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