Mon 5 Oct 2020

What Size Box Do I Need?

When it comes to custom packaging, size really does matter. The dimensions of your box will play an important role in how your product is protected, displayed, and how much it will cost to manufacture and deliver your product to a customer.

Obviously, the size of your box will depend on what’s inside and how you want it to be displayed – but let’s take a look at some important points to consider.

Basic box dimensions

The below image assumes you’re viewing the box from the front:

Which size box do I need

Width (W): This is the measurement of the side nearest to you from left to right

Length (L): This is the measurement of the box from front to back

Height (H): This is the top-to-bottom measurement of the box

Lid Height (LH): This is the top-to-bottom measurement of the lid

Make sure you use inner dimensions

Due to the width of the packaging materials used, there’s going to be a discrepancy between the inner and outer dimensions of a box. Box measurements almost always refer to their inner dimensions – this is important if you’re looking for a tight-fitting solution or if you’re taking the measurements of a perfectly sized box that you’ve already found.

Right-sized box = less wastage

There’s also the environmental aspect to consider. How many times have you taken delivery of an online order to discover a package that’s so unnecessarily oversized that you can’t help but exclaim to anyone who’ll listen “all this packaging for that” as if you’re some sort of packaging efficiency expert? Luckily, sustainability is already at the heart of all our packaging materials

Beautiful inside and out

While we’re dedicated to presenting your product as pleasingly as possible from the outside, we know that when your customer receives their package, it’s really what’s on the inside that matters.

That’s why here at Packaging Works we also offer die cut inserts to protect and neatly display your products – and it’s often those little finishing touches that make products stand out from the crowd and give them that ‘premium’ feel.

Take a look at some of our bespoke packaging inserts here.

Box with foam inserts

Enough talk about measuring your box – it’s time to start designing! Head over to our easy-to-use box builder tool and start designing the packaging of your dreams today.

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