Mon 25 Jan 2021

Back to black: timeless black packaging

Black is known to be a luxurious colour, it’s suggestive of elegance, exclusivity, and even mystery. A black box can jump off the shelf and catch the eye much more than it’s brightly coloured counterparts and this is why it’s ageless in the world of packaging.

If you’re a small business, you may not want to redesign your packaging every season. Choosing a timeless and ‘simple’ design can be cost effective without losing the exclusivity. Black is a famously transferable colour desired by marketers due to the flexibility and timeless aesthetic.

Lulu Guinness

A luxury fashion brand that needs no introduction, Lulu Guinness known exactly what their buyer wants. This beautiful bespoke box barely even features a logo, with a slight indentation, clear in only certain lights – the box screams elegance and sophistication.

Lulu Guinness Box


Gold and silver foil printing can spruce up almost any box, but there is a reason why black and gold work so well together. The combination gives a regal appearance which works wonders on this limited-edition collector’s LP box.

Jubl LP


Black boxes can be enhanced with black accessories, the box we designed for well-known drinks brand Schweppes featured a velvet insert. The velvet insert added another texture to the box, great for influencer packaging and unboxing videos.

Schweppes Box


Whilst steel grey isn’t technically black, it’s another dark colour with similar attributes. The black embossing on this tube shaped box gives a unique, premium appearance perfect for technology brand D’Addario.

D'Addario Box

Google’s DeepMind

If it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for us. Black boxes work for corporate packaging as well as commercial. For this box, DeepMind pulled out all of the stops, combining two different techniques; a geometric copper foil printed pattern and a white logo printed in the corner.

DeepMind Box

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