Fri 18 Dec 2020

The importance of the unboxing experience

Watching your favourite online personalities unbox products has become the norm, so it’s no surprise unboxing videos flood our feeds during Christmas time.

If you don’t already utilise influencers in your marketing campaigns, the festive period is the time for doing just that. Unboxing is the trend everyone hates to love, but there is something oddly satisfying about watching Molly-Mae opening boxes.

What is an unboxing video?

The name explains exactly, an influencer or celebrity unboxing products usually sent free of charge in return for a promotion. Whilst the process may sound dull, we love the fact it hass made brands become more creative with their boxes.

Why are unboxing videos so satisfying?

You know the feeling you receive when you’re removing the plastic from a new Iphone? It is kind of like that, except you watch someone else do it. The concept may seem alien, but imagine watching your favourite celebrity doing anything, it’s entertainment.

Influencers typically have a lot of followers, and with video content it tends to be something to do with their personality. Watching influencers’ excitement over a product can make you feel the same joy.


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Designing a successful unboxing experience:

The thing about unboxing videos is it’s hard to use camera trickery. With breaking the seal of packages usually a onetime thing, it’s essential to experiment with your prototypes before sending them out.

Test your unboxing experience, make sure your box looks good on a green screen and make sure your product cannot be damaged in transmit. Unboxing videos are a novelty, so think of extras to get your brand noticed – think interactive.


The truth is, we’re all kids at heart and unboxing videos give us the joy of watching someone open a present at Christmas. If you would like to create the perfect influencer package, check out some of the work we’ve already done or email for a custom quote.

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