Wed 29 Jul 2020

What features make perfect packaging?

We all know the saying ‘nothing is perfect’, but if your packaging encompasses these five features it will be extremely close.

Packaging comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles but your packaging should be more than just a box. Visualising your perfect packaging is important – whether you’re focused on how it looks or how it feels – and the practical elements of packaging are just as vital. The main question is, what makes your packaging useful?


Making sure the type of cardboard or material you choose for your packaging fits the weight and size of your product is essential, so your product and packaging arrive in one piece. You can make sure your choice of material matches your product by requesting a sample.

nike packaging


Is your brand colourful and crazy, or rustic and recyclable? These are all messages you can convey with your packaging. Demonstrate your messages by choosing the right materials, colours, texts and finishing touches that suit your brand philosophy – this is a way to create a rapport with your customers and encourage future purchases.

lil leopard co box


Where complex shapes and designs can be visually stunning, functionality can suffer. For influencer packaging you want a visually appealing box that is fun to open and looks good on camera. The unboxing process is less of an issue for retail customers but could be irritating if it’s difficult to open.

Grantley Hall Box


We have all been there, you order something and when it turns up it looks like it’s been thrown around. Making sure your product arrives secure and in one piece is a highly valued experience. You can do this with packaging inserts, choosing the right size box and padding with tissue paper.

Packaging inserts


This does not always have to equal gaudy bright colours. Your packaging should be eye-catching for your specific target market. If this is a classy little black box with a discreet logo or a feminine floral design – sometimes it is helpful to not just focus on what you like and instead remember what your consumers love.

Top tip: one of the aims of packaging is to encourage your consumer to take a picture with it!

Kayll box

If your packaging has all these features, it’s sure to be a success. If you have any ideas for packaging and would like a custom quote, email

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