Tue 31 Aug 2021

Perfect packaging for subscription boxes!

You can find a subscription box for almost any industry nowadays, from cosmetics to food and even wine delivered to your doorstep. You may be surprised to learn that packaging is one of the pulling factors when it comes to choosing which subscription box is for you!

Over the past couple of years, the retail industry has gone wild for subscription boxes: weekly, monthly or periodic shipments of different products delivered to your door. The pandemic has also helped this trend flourish in times when we have been unable to attend the shops.

If you’re wondering what part packaging plays in subscription box sign-ups or how to stand out among the growing crowd, here are some ideas:

Packaging design can help you attract new customers and increase customer loyalty

Subscription boxes often use photos of their custom boxes as a USP. If you think packaging that pops off the shelf is important, think about packaging turning up to your door – and who doesn’t like a trendy parcel turning up to the office. 😉

Always remember: the quality of your box should match the quality of your products. Imagine receiving an aesthetically pleasing box in the post every week. This is sure to maintain customer loyalty and increase the chance of your customer keeping their membership.

Choose a theme for your subscription boxes

Just like any other packaging you create, subscription boxes MUST align with your brand and your customers’ values. Align your products, brand image and USPs to keep your subscribers happy and of course, subscribed!

Protect your products

It should go without saying that you’d like your products to arrive in one piece. Adding inserts and fillers to protect your products is a MUST. Fillers and inserts don’t just protect your products but can also ensure an aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience.

Make sure your packaging is post-friendly

Subscription boxes provide an ease for customers – they’re having products brought straight to them instead of having to trail around town. What you don’t want to do is complicate things with badly designed boxes leading to those dreaded little red notes from the post man!

Size is important: Design your packaging so both the weight and size keep shipping costs down and so they can fit through the letter box!

Are you interesting in creating some funky and fun packaging for your subscription boxes? Start designing today with our online box designer tool or drop us an email to discuss your custom packaging specifications!

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