Tue 17 Aug 2021

How to make your packaging pop off the shelf!

Product packaging is an art form, from creating the perfect look and feel to adding memorable elements for your consumers.

Packaging is a demanding design area and takes a certain creative flare, and there are some key elements that can make or break packaging design. Good packaging is an important element of your brand identity and can inspire trust in your consumers.


It takes less than four seconds for the average consumer to choose their product off a shelf. However, consumers could be put off by failing to identify the contents of the product, so make sure to be clear about your product and your brand with your packaging.

Impact on a shelf

Products are typically arranged in rows and columns, often making it hard to distinguish one product from another, unless you’re looking for a specific design (like Heinz Ketchup for example). This is why it’s essential to create packaging which draws the consumer in.

Making your packaging distinctive and recognisable will encourage brand loyalty. Just remember, sometimes even the most attractive designs can become invisible alongside competitors!


Some brands spend years designing their logo, choosing their colours, and creating their image to simply forget about it all when it comes to packaging. Your packaging and branding should be transferable across your marketing and for new products, you want to create a brand people can rely on and not just a product.


Brands often forget about the practicality factor of packaging design, but customers will pick products because of their usability factor. Nobody likes to spend 15 minutes doing something that could have taken 5, so make sure to design easy-opening packaging.

If you would like to start designing your packaging, have a go at our online designer tool or contact one of our packaging experts today.

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