Thu 14 Nov 2019

Go wild with custom packaging design

It doesn’t matter if you are the most eccentric person you know or are laid back and do not like anything too jazzy, our box designer gives you the freedom you desire when creating your bespoke packaging. If you would like to go a little crazy, though, here’s some inspiration!

Extravagant packaging

Having bespoke packaging for your product could be exactly what you need to really boost your business. Let’s face it, your customers aren’t going to miss your box on the shelf if it’s patterned with loads of colours!

The use of colour in ‘extravagant’ styled packaging is always an exciting discussion: how many colours can you use? Should they contrast? And is yellow really the most eye-catching colour?

Wild Google Pixel custom packaging

Get some ideas from our inspiration page, which shows some of the styles of packaging designed by our clients.

Stylish and sophisticated

If you don’t quite want bespoke packaging that some may argue looks like modern art, go for a more professional, yet eye-catching box.

A single pop of colour can just as be intriguing as a custom box covered in pattern or glitter.

Choose a trendy accent colour or go wild by picking a colour you may not always choose! It might be exactly what your bespoke packaging needs.

Kate spade custom packaging


What style should you choose?

That is totally up to you – all we can do is offer our fabulous services. If we were to suggest anything, it would be to make sure you represent your brand in a way you would like to be seen.

We can create the boxes of your wildest imagination – just ask!

*If you don’t want to take a walk on the wild side, take a look at more ways you can design bespoke boxes on our box designer guide.


If you fancy your own eco-friendly and custom designed packaging or you would like to request a quote regarding bespoke boxes, please feel free to contact us with your questions.?

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