Thu 26 May 2022

Why you should choose paper tube packaging

Your packaging, it has ‘tu-be’ perfect! Paper tube packaging is a terrific environmentally friendly way to package your products while also protecting them from damage during transit.

Plastic is so old school, and consumers are putting greater pressure on firms to be more environmentally conscientious. Brands that indicate their commitment to sustainability are more likely to gain trust from consumers and a positive reputation.

Typically made of kraft cardboard to form an empty cylinder, paper tube packaging is great for holding rolled paper goods like posters and prints, wine bottles, candles and rolled up garments. Take a look, at some ways you can use paper tube packaging:

Make it pop

Tube packaging plays on many of the senses, from the feel of the box’s cyclical curves to the popping noise when it’s opened, adding extra levels to your consumer experience. On this tube, they have added a Spotify Code which is a “scannable” tag, like a QR code, that can be used to access Spotify content such as a song or album.

Oooh shiny

Add some bling to your boxes with foil-printed patterns or text, like on this box for eco-luxury candle company Amaura. Foil-printing comes in many colours, you can choose gold, silver, holographic or even deboss or emboss your designs. It’s a simple but effective way to add some sparkle and depth!

D'Addario packaging

Dark and sleek

Tech companies often opt for elegance in their designs, this dark and sleek box from D’Addario is ‘calm, cool and consistent’ like the brand itself. The colours you choose can say a lot about your brand, find out more in our blog about colour psychology!

Expressively eco-friendly

For years, companies looked for ways to avoid beige and brown packaging, searching for eco-friendly alternatives which didn’t have to sacrifice bold colours. Whilst there are now lots of colourful eco-friendly materials, natural is back. Choosing stripped-down packaging like this Mork hot chocolate tube couldn’t be ‘Mork’ on-trend.

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