Fri 29 Jan 2021

Why you’ll love the materials our boxes are made from!

At Packaging Works, we don’t just pride ourselves on our low minimum order and fast turnaround. We also create the most beautiful boxes you could desire.

The touch and feel of your boxes are almost as important as the visual elements. We assure whatever the box, we will use the highest quality materials for a beautiful finish.

Eco-friendly boxes:

Using sustainable materials is of increasing importance to consumers, which is why our boxes are eco-friendly. The boxes are made from cardboard covered with high quality paper. We ensure all of our boards and papers are from suppliers who use sustainable, managed forests.

Our cylindrical boxes:

If you’re after something different, opting for a tube-shaped box can provide a different experience for the consumer. All our cylindrical boxes are made from pulpboard which is totally chlorine free and recyclable.

Evans Drumheads Packaging

Our square/oblong boxes:

We also create square and oblong boxes for a more traditional packaging experience. The boxes are made from fibre source which is 100% post-consumer waste, pretty cool hey? “The boxes can be produced from two different calipers of board, 2000um (2mm “thick”) or 1200um (1.2mm “thick”)

We also make sure the pulp inside the cardboard isn’t bleached. Eco-friendly boxes allow the consumer to carry on the journey as the material can be disposed of by recycling, incineration for energy or is biodegradable.

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Package overing materials:

You may want to zhuzh up your packaging with a sleeve – our over materials are wood-free, acid-free, and biodegradable. The materials are made from ECF (Elemetal Chlorine Free) fibre and are totally recyclable.

nike latest drop

Printing ink:

Last but certainly not least, we have a variety of ink available, for the eco-friendly packagers, the ink we recommend using vegetable ink instead of petroleum-based inks. Whilst vegetable inks tend to not be as strong as other inks, they are recyclable, renewable, and known to release much less pollution than their petroleum counterparts.


If you want something a little different, we can also produce textured boxes – you think it, we will try to design it for you. For a custom quote for your packaging ideas, email

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