Mon 11 Oct 2021

Spruce up your packaging with QR codes

If you weren’t familiar with QR codes before 2020, you must be now. During the pandemic, QR codes dominated the restaurant scene, allowing customers to order without holding menus, limiting the spread of germs.

But, did you know QR codes aren’t just used by restaurants? Have you ever wondered why they are featured on packaging, posters or even events? The truth is that QR codes offer several different uses, connecting the physical sides of your business to the digital.

Adding a QR code to your packaging or product adds extra value and take your consumers on a media rich journey influencing them to buy or interact more with your brand. In a world where 90% of adults have smartphones, brands should be taking advantage of that.

How can I use QR codes?

  • YouTube advertisement/video

Why spend so much money creating video content, and limit the number of people who can see it? QR codes can be generated for free and once scanned take your consumer to your latest YouTube video or advertisement.

  • Website or blog landing page

Another use of a QR code is to transport your consumer to your website or another landing page. This can provide brand information or simply just show your online presence.

  • Instruction PDF

You can save money on printing costs by providing a digital instruction PDF which is accessed through a QR code, although for those without smartphones this could be an issue.

  • Data collection

You could use your QR code to find out information about your customer via survey to learn about how they interact with your product and your brand.

  • Social media

QR codes can link to your social media accounts, influencing your consumers to follow and share content accordingly.

  • E-commerce store

At the end of the day, you are promoting a business, so using a QR code to simply make sure you get an extra opportunity to sell is worthwhile.

QR codes and packaging are a perfect combination, bringing down the walls of physical and digital worlds. By connecting the two it opens more experiences for the customer. To find out more about QR codes and packaging solutions, email

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