Thu 12 Nov 2020

Designing packaging that works both in-store and online:

With coronavirus limiting footfall in shops alongside the ever-growing online marketplace, packaging is no longer just something that attracts us in store but a serious factor for e-commerce.

Going back a decade ago, no one would have envisioned that all our shopping would be just a click away, let alone being unable to browse stores due to a government lockdown. Packaging plays an integral role in attracting customers online and offline, especially during the festive season.

Can a design work both online and offline?

When it comes to designing packaging for numerous mediums, you must take into consideration the different qualities of each environment. For example, complex patterns can be eye catching in store, but they can lose quality and appearance online.

In store, packaging is directly comparable with competitors, which can be completely different to online purchases on your website or other online retailers. The purchasing process online is noticeably quicker with less time for decision making.

A physical purchase can be influenced by factors like ribbons, textures, the way the product is shown and noticeable unboxing quirks. Online it is more about colours, logos, and the presentation of your product side by side with the chosen website or social media platform.

Create transcendent packaging…

A successful packaging campaign should work across each platform and this should be thought about throughout the planning process. Explore designs and prototypes to provide the experience you desire both in person and behind a screen.

With technology always changing, make sure you stay one step ahead. It is important to keep a close eye on market trends and competitors’ strategies to enhance your own consumer experience. Designing packaging that works both online and offline can save you money as you will only need one design, not to mention it can also provide a consistent brand image, The Little Leopard Co do this really well!

If your packaging needs an online-friendly reboot, get in touch today by emailing for a custom quote.

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