Thu 17 Jun 2021

Spotlight on: Magnetic closures

The aim of packaging is to create a product your client is attracted to, and what’s more attractive than a magnet-(ic closure). 😉

Luxury brands often use magnetic closures in their bespoke box designs. This is mainly because it creates a sophisticated and professional finish. But truth be told, boxes with magnetic closures are popular with a wide selection of businesses and here are some of the reasons why…

Benefits of magnetic closures:

  • Magnetic closures improve the look and feel of your product by holding together the box or bag. This means no scruffy folds or added tape for a seamless finish.
  • The structural benefits of using magnetic closures mean they create elegant designs; you don’t need a busy pattern for your product to be noticeably appealing.
  • As long as your product is the correct weight and size for your box, the closure will be strong enough to keep your product in, safe and protected.
  • Also known as ‘flip boxes’ the closures vastly improve the unboxing process, adding another level of visuality as they snap (flip) shut and make a popping sound.
  • The closures are durable in comparison to other types and designs.
  • Magnetic closures boost brand value. Like ALL different packaging accessories, going the extra mile can encourage customers to return, and sleek magnetic closures have that pulling factor.

In the simplest of terms, if you are designing packaging, you want your clients to be drawn to it like a magnet. Finishing your design with a magnetic closure will do just that. But if you’re not convinced magnetic closures are the way to go, we have other packaging accessories available!

We offer all types of custom packaging and bespoke boxes at Packaging Works. If you have some ideas, drop an email to to see what we can do for you!

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