Thu 22 Oct 2020

Poppin’ patterned packaging!

Who said that repetitive isn’t good? After typography and colour, patterns are another way to jazz up your packaging. Patterns are funky, clever and are created by replicating an image or a shape.

Patterned branding can be used across many marketing platforms, from social media to brilliant boxes. This round up features some of our favourite patterned packaging from brands we have worked with:

We can’t get enough of this fruity box from hard seltzer company Sol Duc. The box shows the zesty personality of the brand. The pattern teases all the tasty flavours of the drinks in a characterful way. You can just imagine how the elements of the patten would look on other marketing materials like stickers!

Propercorn packaging

You’ve probably spent a lot of time perfecting your logo, so why not use it on absolutely everything? Design ‘proper’ cool patterns with your logo just like this promotional gift bag from Propercorn. It’s a simple way to mix it up and produce packaging that’s instantly recognisable to your brand.

Budweiser packaging Pride

Geometric patterns are a collection of shapes alternated to create a cohesive design. For their pride campaign, Budweiser used a collection of rectangles and squares but switched the colours to represent the different members of each of the LGBTQ community.

Kayll silk kimonos

Kayll creates silk kimonos, so they opted for one of their hand-painted floral designs on their boxes. The finish is pretty and feminine, reflecting delicacy of both the kimonos and their brand.

Camden Hells packaging

Patterned packaging doesn’t always have to be restricted to the outside of a box. Camden Hells thought INSIDE the box with patterned tissue paper of their popular slogan ‘Raise Hells’. The finish is contemporary, crafty, and cool just like the popular brewery.

If you’re thinking about producing some patterned packaging, look no further. We create bespoke boxes and custom packaging for all kinds of industries – drop us an email to to get a custom quote today!

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