Tue 31 May 2022

Reimagine your brand's packaging for the next generation of consumers

Packaging is an important piece of branding as well as a marketing opportunity for brands to interact with their customers. With each year comes a new set of consumers and trends, it’s important to keep up with the crowd and constantly adapt your packaging to stay relevant.

The way brands connect and communicate with their customers is evolving in the digital age. The mission is to find a way to give personalised experiences and services to their customers – wherever they are since there are fewer in-person shopping experiences or opportunities to create rapport.

While social media marketing and advertising are important, one face-to-face marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be neglected is the packaging.

Engage with communities

Because of the accessibility of social media and the internet, the new-gen of buyers wants to be a part of the full journey for the businesses they support. Packaging that encourages brand and social interaction stimulates social media sharing and appeals to a shared set of values to reinforce a community spirit.

Consider adding QR codes to your custom packaging to help your community bridge the gap between their physical and digital experiences with your brand and product.  QR codes can add extra value to your product and help with links to elements like instruction videos and tips and tricks.

Think about sustainability

In the modern world, brands and customers want to be more environmentally friendly. For many consumers, getting their online shopping in packaging which is recyclable, or reusable may be one of the first ways they vibe with a company on a values level. Express your dedication to eco-friendly values across a variety of channels, and mention your sustainable pleas on your website, social media, and in interviews.

Get your creative juices flowing

In a world of hyper-personalization and curation, the next generation of, companies, and creators can struggle to stand out. Companies can express their brand’s style and ethos by leveraging platforms to develop custom and creatively inspired packaging solutions including tissue paper, ribbon, bespoke boxes, and mailers.

With unboxing experiences that convey a story no longer restricted to influencers, each client can be made to feel special and connected to the brands they buy. Consider your packaging design in the same way you would your next product – after all, it is the first physical contact point for many of your customers and a chance to make a lasting impression.

Why wait for the next generation of consumers? Re-energise your packaging today, email info@packaging-works.co.uk to get started.

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