Mon 2 Aug 2021

Add the finishing touch to your custom boxes with packaging accessories!

You’ve created your beautiful custom box, but now you want to add the WOW factor. Complete the package with a range of stunning, high quality packaging accessories!

Bespoke packaging inserts

Inserts have two main purposes: one is to protect your products from damage in transit and the second is to present your products in an aesthetically pleasing way during the unboxing process.

We can create, custom die cuts for your bespoke boxes in different materials like foam, cardboard and in some cases fabric!Maestra Custom Box

Beautifully branded ribbon

If you like it then you should put a ribbon on it! A festive favourite, we supply either branded or simple unbranded ribbons, available in many different colours, a sure way to impress your consumer and complement your products.makers mark

Presentation bags

When you’re designing beautiful boxes, it’s easy to forget about certain important factors like usability. Boxes can sometimes be hard to carry, so adding a gift bag can ease the process.

Presentation bags are especially popular for brand giveaways at events. They add an extra level of luxury as well as encouraging the consumer to take the goodies home.

Bespoke branded tissue paper

Wrap up your products in luxurious plain or branded tissue paper. Not only does tissue paper add a cushion of protection for your products, it also adds elegance to the unboxing process.

Just look how gorgeous this branded tissue paper is for Maker’s Mark whisky!Tissue paper

Magnetic closures

Let customers unveil your products sophisticatedly with a suave magnetic closure. As well as the typical lid or foldable boxes, we offer other bespoke presentation boxes including magnetic closures and clamshells.Elit Vodka

If you have any questions about blinging your boxes or would like to start designing your packaging, email today.

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