Wed 26 May 2021

How to choose fonts for your bespoke packaging

Packaging is one of the best ways to entice customers, so it’s vital you make every element count. One way to captivate consumers is with your text, so let’s focus on how fonts can make your packaging engaging.

What’s your style?

First of all, what does your chosen font say about you? It’s essential to choose a font that suits your business and your clientele. For example, if you company is a corporate firm it’s probably best you avoid comic sans! However, if you’re a tasty new snack company a playful font may work, capeesh?

propercorn bespoke box

What’s your size?

You know the saying: ‘size doesn’t matter,’ but when it comes to fonts, it does.

Script style fonts usually need to be bigger as the ‘fancy’ curves are harder to read. On the other hand, fonts which aren’t as decorative are easier to read so can be smaller. Huge fonts can often be distracting but small fonts can be incohesive.

If you’re unsure, don’t worry, our design team are always on hand to discuss which size will work best for your box. If you fancy testing fonts out yourself, you can play around using our box designer tool to create your dream font-to-box ratio!

Superdrug Custom Bespoke Box


What’s your colour?

Choosing the colour of your bespoke packaging is another important part of your design. Basically, the colour you choose for your font needs to stand out against the colour of your box.

Blue is the most popular colour with both sexes, which makes it a great colour for your packaging design. We go into more detail about choosing colours for your boxes in our recent blog.

Vakal Bespoke Box

What are you saying?

Make sure your text is as good as your font. Catchy headlines and quirky quips can catch consumers’ attention. Choosing language that matches your brand is vital in delivering the right message to your consumer.

Your text is another way to encourage sales so why not also add your social media handles, your website and hashtags? What is there to lose?

Elvive Hair Routine Custom Box

Have we inspired you to get textual? Or simply to reconsider your choice of fonts? Drop us an email today to for a custom quote for all your packaging endeavours.

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