Sun 10 Jul 2022

Corporate gift boxes: make an impact with bespoke packaging

There’s no happier client than a client who has received a gift! And what better way to highlight your brand and promote your products than with a branded corporate gift box?

Sending a present from your company to a client or customer is known as corporate gifting. These presents can be presented to a number of recipients and be given for a variety of reasons, such as to show appreciation or to go along with an event.

Corporate gifting can also include your tactics for awards and recognition. Whether it’s for no particular reason at all, the conclusion of a project, or for your employee of the month, corporate gifting has many applications.

Packaging Works has worked with loads of brands to develop bespoke branded gift boxes to be used as corporate gifts or promotional presents.

Our clients range from high street bands to one-man bands, and we offer bespoke gift boxes in the quantity, price and style to suit almost any requirement.

How to introduce a gifting policy?

Create an appropriate gifting policy; consider your spending limit, special occasions, and how corporate gifts might support your core principles. They should not only be consistent with your company’s beliefs and corporate responsibility guidelines, but also serve as a powerful example of those ideals.

If you’re dedicated to eliminating plastic waste, use reusable water and coffee cups as well as companies who don’t package their products in plastic. If supporting and purchasing from BIPOC or LGBT owned businesses aligns with your core values, do so.

You may want to think about whether you think it’s acceptable for staff to accept presents from your clients or other businesses.

Bespoke chocolate gift boxes

custom chocolate boxes

Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. That’s why your customers or colleagues will be extra excited when you present them with a box of chocolates as a corporate gift!

We’ve created many types of corporate chocolate boxes and can make yours in any style you’d prefer.

Custom packaging for Prosecco bottles

prosecco packaging

It’s quite popular with many of our clients to distribute custom branded boxes containing a bottle of Prosecco (or gin, or whisky, or beer!) to their customers.

Our custom inserts ensure that the bubbly gets in your clients’ hands safe and sound – it also ensures that you gift that booze in style!

Branded promotional gift bags

Choose a bespoke, branded gift bag as an alternative option for your corporate gifts! We’ll produce luxury presentation gift bags to suit your requirements and also offer bespoke inserts, ribbon and tissue.

Custom presentation boxes

custom snack packaging

If you are launching a new product, offering corporate bonuses or rewards, or want to hand out samples at an event, we can help. Our custom branded presentation boxes will suit any shape or size!

Simply let us know the size requirements and supply your branding, design preferences and desired materials. We’ll get in touch with a quote, a box net for your approval and can even provide a sample box before you place your order.


Would you like to get started ordering corporate gift packaging? Get in touch with our experienced team of packaging specialists!

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