Wed 24 Jun 2020

6 reasons why branded packaging is important

Think about it: your packaging is one of the first things a customer sees. Packaging is an often overlooked medium and should be taken seriously because it plays a deliberate role in attracting and keeping your consumers.

The best brands have a clear image and packaging that we can recall from memory. If we have not sold it to you already, here are 6 reasons why branded packaging is important:

It shows your brand values

Is your company environmentally friendly? You can send this message with your packaging. Forget plastic – there are now a large amount of ethical materials to choose from which look just as good. You can even use vegetable ink!


It shows your brand identity

Packaging often reflects your brand image, showing your logo and often your brand colours. Whether you are fun and playful or minimalist and corporate – creating a box that represents you is key.

hashtag packaging

It lets you engage with customers

Engaging with consumers is extremely important, especially in the world of social media and influencers. Using hashtags on your products helps you track your consumers’ reactions whilst also working as a digital form of ‘word of mouth’.

elit packaging

It can reflect your customer service

Taking the time to create a beautiful bespoke box can show you care about your product. Just like this Elit vodka packaging, which has fitted inserts for the bottles – an accessory that holds the product in place and prevents it from being damaged.

pandora packaging

It can add value to your product

Bespoke branded boxes can make the product appear expensive. For example, we love this Pandora keepsake box, which provides a practical yet elegant storage for their product range in-store. Boxes can also add value during the unboxing process by building suspense and adding a feeling of exclusivity.

It is simple

With our box designer tool, creating branded packaging is easier than ever. The tool is a digital method that allows everyone from small business owners to graphic designers to see their dream packaging come to life. You can try it out here.

Whatever image you have in your mind for your custom packaging, there is practically no challenge we will not accept. Drop us a message to discuss your bespoke packaging!

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