Thu 11 Apr 2024

Tremendous Textured Boxes

Our chosen supplier of textured packaging materials for our bespoke boxes is Wibalin, a timeless, eco-friendly, and high-quality material, perfect for luxury branded packaging.

There are a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles of textured packaging available through Packaging Works, including the Wibalin range which offers a significant range of options to help you find the perfect packaging for your product!

The Wibalin materials are produced using ECF pulp, which makes them:

  • Vegan
  • 100% recyclable
  • FSC™ certified
  • REACH and ISO 14001 compliant

Have a look at some styles of Wibalin materials to find the perfect texture for your bespoke packaging:

Natural Wibalin Textured Packaging

These Easter Lindt Chocolate boxes that we designed and manufactured boast the natural texture from Wibalin, which is a high-quality, uncoated, dyed-through paper that features a soft and gentle brush effect on the box exterior.


Flute Textured Packaging

Wibalin® Flute is a high-quality paper that shows character with its striped embossing – great for both boxes and branded gift bags!

Buckram Textured Boxes and Gift Bags

The high-quality binding material imitates the look of textile – and it feels lovely, too!

This box for Boss, AKA Huge Boss, has a sophisticated, subtle texture that exudes luxury.

Finelinen Finish Packaging

These Rat and Boa retail boxes feature the Finelinen finish, which has a subtly embossed surface reminiscent of finely woven linen – as the name implies!

Embossed or debossed logo

Our bespoke textured boxes are available with just about any style of branding, and we can print whatever you’d like on your custom-designed packaging.

We recommend an embossed or debossed logo on textured packaging, which means that your branding will either stick out from or sink in to the lush pattern that you’ve chosen for your box material!

Get your branded, textured, custom packaging!

Try our interactive box designer tool to see how your logo would look in gold or silver foil branding on a variety of textures to get an idea of how lush your packaging could look, and then get in touch with our team of IRL box designers to get a sample or quote for your bespoke packaging design!

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