Thu 29 Jul 2021

Luxury Packaging Design: Embossing vs Debossing

Embossing and debossing are two printing processes that give depth to your packaging. The techniques add an extra layer and texture to your product and are popular choices for luxury brands.

In basic terms, embossing imprints a design in the surface of your boxes whilst debossing raises your design. Both printing techniques make your custom boxes more memorable by adding an experience which is both visual and physical.

Debossing on your luxury packaging

There’s beauty in subtlety and that’s exactly the effect debossing creates. The different textures and surface levels create a touch sensation and add an element of class.

For example, take a look at this custom branded logo for Jaguar:

Jaguar Embossed Custom Box

You can see the simple logo debossed on the front of the box, only visible in specific lighting and at a certain angle. Most brands would choose for their logo to be large and in your face, but the elegancy of Jaguar speaks for itself and doesn’t rely on loud gaudy designs.

Another example is this branded box by high-end fashion brand LuLu Guinness. We love the discreet yet classic logo – it adds a level of class and sophistication to the custom boxes.

Lulu Guinness Box

Embossing on your branded boxes

The process of embossing is less discreet as it raises portions of your packaging. Like debossing it’s often used for logos, patterns and graphics. Using embossing offers a memorable experience for your consumers and the products often have a high-quality finish.

Many businesses opt to emboss gold and silver foil printing onto their boxes, like this one from Glenmorangie scotch whiskey. The gold foil printed logo adds an extra sense of value to the consumer.

Gold Printed glenmorangie packaging

Embossed gold foil printing is also a perfect choice for seasonal packaging, like the Love and Death Deluxe Edition Vinyl released by Perfectly Preserved just in time for Christmas.

Love And Death Custom Vinyl

Why not try a combination? Both techniques can be used with foil stamping and printing, and when put together you can achieve a stunning multi-dimensional finish.

If you’d like to incorporate embossing or debossing into your custom packaging, request a quote today by emailing

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