Wed 18 Oct 2023

Scan, Learn, and Connect with Customers using QR Codes

You can spot QR codes almost everywhere. QR codes helped many businesses keep afloat during the pandemic, but there’s so much more to these little black and white squares – the things they can do are virtually limitless.

Simply adding a QR code to your packaging can add not only pizzaz but also enhance your consumers’ experience. I bet you’re wondering ‘what actually is a QR code?’ It’s a bit like a bar code, but instead of scanning from a cash till you can just use your phone!

Here are five nifty ways to use QR codes to give your packaging design a tech-savvy twist:

  1. Social media synergy: Link your QR code directly to your social media channels. A quick scan can let them snap and share your fantastic products as well as follow you. It’s a win-win, boosting your brand and giving them a way to connect with your online platforms.
  2. Video magic: Do you have a fantastic collaboration to show or some informative video content? Use a QR code to share exclusive, brand-focused videos – it’s a lifesaver for helping customers understand your product.
  3. Handy PDFs: Say goodbye to instruction manuals and wasteful brochures. QR codes let you provide quick access to info customers need, right when they open their box.
  4. Reviews and news: Did you tweak your product recently or add a tempting sample? A review-based QR code on your packaging allows customers to give you valuable feedback right away or simply just takes customers to your website for up-to-date offers and news.
  5. Style it out: In e-commerce packaging, appearance is everything. QR codes can help you inspire customers with a gallery showing them how to get creative with your products.

If you would like to create some quality packaging for your brand, we offer custom sizes, shapes, and designs to suit your needs. Email today to speak to a packaging expert about your requirements.

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