Thu 9 Jun 2022

Choosing between retail packaging or shipping boxes

Deciding on the best type of packaging for your business can be tricky, but we’re here to wrap up the information you need to gather in order to choose your bespoke boxes!

In today’s modern world, there are numerous ways to present your product to market: you may sell your products IRL in-store in the traditional high street fashion or opt for delivering them via sales from your website… or even consider setting up a subscription model.

The type of packaging you choose depends heavily on the way you plan to sell your products. Here are some considerations for choosing your selling method and therefore, your custom boxes:

Packaging for the high street

Although many shoppers are veering toward online purchasing, the high street is still an important place for brands to be seen. This is especially true for products that may require a bit of interaction when consumers are considering a purchase.

Take, for example, this retail packaging for baby blankets that features a cut-out where mums and family members can feel the softness of the fabric!

Influencer outreach packaging

You may be the type of brand who’d love to go viral on Instagram or TikTok, so make sure your packaging is going to do just that for you.

We can help you design packaging that gives the unboxing process that wow-factor, like this intriguing and mysterious box for Flash cleaning products.

Subscription box design

Generating a subscription model where your products are delivered regularly to your clients is great for increasing repeat custom and making loyal customers.

It’s important that your subscription boxes can fit through mail slots if possible, since your customers may not always be anticipating their next delivery. Read our guide to Royal Mail size packaging to get it right!

Delivery packaging

If you sell your products online for delivery, you need packaging that is robust and secure to ensure your goods are delivered safely. We can create custom cut-outs to perfectly fit your products and our box designers can advise on the right types of materials and inserts to get your boxes from a-to-b in one piece!

Ready to start designing your own branded packaging? Try our box designer tool or get in touch for a custom quote!

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