Tue 15 Mar 2022

Reduce your brand’s carbon footprint in just two simple steps!

Sustainability is a hot topic in business and it’s quickly becoming a demand from customers rather than just a preference. Whilst a lot of brands are eager to get on board, figuring out where to begin can seem daunting.

Don’t worry – no one expects you to transform your business overnight. If what you have to offer is a great product, consumers will stay loyal if you show you’re making efforts to increase sustainability. Here are just two simple steps you can take to make your brand more eco-friendly:

Go paperless!

For as long as we can remember, paperwork has been an integral part of running a business. It’s been used for a variety of things, including business cards, invoices, package inserts requesting feedback, payslips, and more.

The advantages of going paperless in the office may astound you. You’re undoubtedly searching for every available opportunity to streamline operations, cut costs, and save time when you’re running a business.

More businesses are beginning to go entirely paperless. You can use online services like Google Drive and Dropbox to keep all your files in one place and accessible online. You can even sign documents on the web now via services such as DottedSign.

Switch to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

Sustainable packaging is any type of packaging that has a lower environmental impact. Over the last several years, consumers have grown more aware of the impending doom of climate change, which has led to a demand for environmentally-friendly packaging.

Why not give your customers exactly what they want? Find out about our materials in our blog about eco-friendly materials here.

Top tip: don’t greenwash your consumers! Make sure what you’re offering is legitimately eco-friendly and don’t lie to your consumers or it could be the end for your business. 

Ready to go green with your brand? Contact us to discuss your green ideas for packaging!

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