Tue 12 Mar 2024

Perfectly Patterned Packaging!

When you picture your bespoke branded packaging, why not picture patterns?

Packaging Works provides custom packaging in all formats, and there is no limit when it comes to your design options when ordering your new boxes. We can print textures, patterns, and unique designs on all sides of your packaging, add extra dimensioning to bring your box to life!

Here are some examples of how patterns have made our packaging creations pop: 

Google’s geometric patterned packaging

Bold, geometric patterns in soft pastels match Google’s marketing launch style in this custom box we designed for the tech giant’s release of the Pixel 4 mobile phone.

Maximalist Google Packaging

Promotional patterned packaging

We can even design boxes to hold other packaging! This presentation box, featuring a tasty pattern of Proper Chips, holds bags of samples of their product launch.

Disco boxes!

Use a real-life image to bring your packaging to life, like this box top brandishing a photo of disco balls to add glamour to Fangrl’s bespoke box.

Floral patterned packaging

This ultra feminine box for Kayll kimonos showcases soft flowers and romantic colours – we love the attention to detail where the side of the box offers a sneak peek into the pretty pink interior!


Patterned gift bags

It’s in the bag with promotional patterned gift bags, like this simple yet poignant bag we designed and manufactured for Proper Chips! The Kraft colour gives it an eco-friendly feel while the repeating logo adds a contemporary vibe.

Think inside the box…

Internal patterns can add excitement to the unboxing experience – this seemingly plain box for Thomas Clipper opens to unveil a landscape of crisp lines surrounding the cologne samples, which are nestled securely in bespoke inserts cut out into the cardboard material.

Festive patterned packaging

Who needs wrapping paper when you can wrap your bespoke box with a custom printed design? We love this festive texture including a printed ribbon on this Christmas box we designed for Maker’s Mark.

All-round packaging

Subtle yet fun splotches of colour adorn all sides of this welcome gift box for Llloyd’s Bank. We can print patterns across all sides of your bespoke packaging to give it a cohesive feel!

Ready to get poppin’ patterned packaging? We would love to help make your bespoke packaging dreams a reality! Contact us to discuss your design ideas and to request a quote for your new boxes. 

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