Wed 10 Jul 2019

Small batch orders of packaging for retail marketing stunts

We specialise in creating eye-catching branded boxes for retail marketing stunts, and with our low minimum order, fast turnaround and exceptional boxes, we can take your retail campaigns next level!

Here are some ideas our clients have had for using custom boxes to promote product launches, events, campaigns and more:

Branded packaging for high street giveaways and sampling

Planning an epic product launch and need to get your goodies out in the public eye? Prepared to offer free samples? Utilise custom branded packaging to make sure those taste testers and freebie lovers will remember your amazing new product!

Brand awareness is vital for new products – especially in competitive industries like cosmetics – which is why Loreal sought Packaging Works’ expertise in creating bespoke branded boxes complete with handles for the people giving away the samples.

packaging for giveaways

Low order quantities of packaging for publicity stunts

If your product is extra special to you but perhaps not entirely unique to the market, consider using a gimmick alongside the product launch to get some more attention.

Our client Edinburgh Gin launched a rhubarb and ginger flavoured gin – exciting and delicious – but not necessarily a novel idea. However, it is special in that it’s full-strength alcohol! In order to make the launch media-worthy and to stand out in retail outlets, they decided to develop a limited supply of ‘fortune telling gin balls’ as incentive to try out new recipes with the new gin. The packaging was fabulous, of course!

Make unboxing a gift extra special

That’s exactly what Budweiser did with their frightfully fun King of Fears campaign! As part of an outreach campaign, they distributed these boxes which make quite a stir upon opening.

We can offer suggestions for creative gift boxes that will make an impact upon opening and can manufacture custom boxes in just about any shape, style and size to best showcase your product.


Planning a PR stunt or want some inspiration for launching your product with the best possible packaging? Contact our expert team of Packaging Dorks to discuss your project and to receive a custom quote!

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