Sun 11 Feb 2024

Life is like a box of chocolates!

You never know what you’re going to get… with the luscious opportunity for designing bespoke chocolate boxes with Packaging Works!

We specialise in designing custom packaging for all types of products, and some of our favourite boxes have been the chocolate boxes we’ve designed for our sweet clients.

If you are in the market for some bespoke chocolate packaging, we are on hand to help. We love chocolate boxes as much as anyone, whether it’s for a new start-up, a client gift box, a festive offer or a packaging revamp.

We offer packaging for products that are already sealed, like chocolate, and can design almost any shape and size of box to hold your products.

Here’s a taste of some of the chocolate boxes we’ve designed and manufactured:

Lindt Packaging

This excellent packaging for Lindt chocolate comes complete with a velvet insert to softly nestle the precious caramel chocolatey contents!

The packaging features a sneak peek at the golden bottom box, which holds scrumptious surprises for the unboxer.

McVitie’s Packaging

We were delighted to help Jaffa Cakes launch a trial product, Jaffa Nibbles, with this blue packaging that also contained a custom Jaffa Cake bum bag for the influencers who received the box!

Hot chocolate boxes

These tube boxes for Mork hot chocolate in Kraft with black branding are extra special!

Mork Hot Chocolate Box

Seasonal packaging

If you’re planning a festive chocolate treat like Hayes and Jarvis sent out for Christmas one year, we would be happy to design a custom box for you! Choose bespoke gold inserts to hold your treats in luxury.

We’d love to hear your packaging ideas, whether it’s for a chocolate box like one of these, or a bespoke packaging concept for a new product or seasonal offer!

Got a sweet tooth for a new box design? Get in touch to discuss your packaging requirements: once you place an order for your bespoke packaging, you will have your boxes within two weeks! 

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