Sun 12 Sep 2021

How you can reduce plastic and increase the sustainability of your packaging

Eco-friendly packaging and sustainability have become a highlight for the packaging industry, with years of research put into the effects materials like plastic can have on the environment.  The market today holds lots of alternatives to plastic and other environmentally-detrimental materials, however many companies are unsure how to achieve sustainability goals.

Why are companies making the switch to eco-friendly products?

To comprehend the decision to switch, it’s vital to understand the problems associated with plastic. The fact is British supermarket shelves alone are responsible for 550 tonnes of plastic waste a year – which in turn, damages sea life and the environment.

Whilst brand value and image are both strong reasons for making the switch to more eco-friendly packaging, it would be ignorant not to mention the increasing demand from consumers for both sustainable products and equally sustainable packaging.

What are the initial steps you should take to reach your sustainability goals?

Selecting the right packaging company with the right materials and knowledge is a great place to start. When contacting the design team, make sure to ask questions about the right materials for your design.

It’s important to consider your priorities and the condition of the product throughout the supply chain – you don’t want to reduce the quality of your packaging, just increase the sustainability. 

You must remember designing sustainable packaging is only combating a fraction of the problem.  Think about the manufacturing process and other touchpoints in your business that can help reduce your use of plastic.

How can you begin the journey from plastic to positive packaging? 

  • Make sure you work with skilful companies who understand your aim for sustainability
  • Don’t be scared to spend money. Most consumers will pay more for an eco-friendly product
  • Stay ahead and be the first to invest in the latest technologies
  • Don’t be afraid to think big – if you can dream it, we can probably help you achieve it! 

If you’re wondering about alternative materials for your bespoke packaging designs, you can find out all about the materials we use in our recent eco-friendly packaging blog. For all queries about your packaging solutions, please email today.

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