Sat 29 May 2021

How brands are using their bespoke boxes to conquer TikTok marketing

The short video sharing app TikTok has already been the make of many small businesses, who utilise the app as a quick and free way to get creative content in front of many.

The algorithm works by monitoring which videos you watch, how you react to specific trending topics and adapting to show you related content. Because of this algorithm, if used correctly, TikTok will target your audience for you and your products will end up on their ‘For You Page.’

Little Moons:

Whilst we didn’t create the brightly coloured snack boxes, it would be impossible to mention the making of small businesses on TikTok without mentioning Little Moons. Did anyone else spend the last couple month exploring the isles of Tesco in search of a matcha tea gelato?

That was basically ALL TikTok marketing and what’s more interesting is we never saw ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ underneath the posts. The short quirky clips created a buzz around the tasty treats which sold out all over the country because of this!

@littlemoonsmochiThat moment when you realise you only have one Little Moons mochi left in the freezer… 😱 #ohno #fyp #eis #mochi #mochieis #littlemoonsmochi

♬ original sound – Aydon Holley



Our client Merwave creates hair products for people with curly hair. We were approached to create a box to be used both for retail and part of an influencer and unboxing strategy.

@merwaveHow we pick and pack our deliveries daily. ##wavyhair ##packing ##cgm ##wavyhairtutorial ##satisfyingvideo ##fy

♬ LA LA LAND (Part 1) – Official Sound Studio


The rustic beachy box is a sandy cardboard creation and inside features a personal message on a sea blue backdrop. We discovered that Merwave used their packaging in their own TikTok videos and could not help but think this was genius:

@merwaveHAIR TRANSFORMATION ##wavyhair ##curlygirlmethod ##wavyhairtutorial ##fyp ##hairtutorial ##longhair ##uk

♬ original sound – Merwave



Tips and tricks for your TikTok:

  • You don’t necessarily need to send out your products to influencers to create a buzz. Simply showing how you package your products, especially if it is unique, is sometimes enough.
  • Use appropriate hashtags like #smallbusiness to gain followers and views – the community associated with supporting small businesses is huge.
  • If you do send packages to influencers, make sure you add hashtags to make it easier for both the influencer, consumers, and yourself to find the product.
  • Stay on top of trends: specific songs, filters and content can blow up in less than 24 hours! Jump on it and adapt it to your product.
  • Social media and influencer marketing should be part of a bigger marketing strategy. Make sure you think carefully about every platform you use. Whilst TikTok might be the fastest growing social media ever, we all know platforms can disappear just as fast!

Feel like creating the next TikTok unboxing sensation? Let us help you with that! Email for a custom quote for your packaging.

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