Fri 21 Jun 2024

Brew-tiful booze boxes!

We’d like to raise a toast to some of our artistic alcohol packaging that we have designed and created!

Un-wine-d while you browse through some inspiration for spirited drinks packaging:

Boxes for Greene King Brewery

This packaging is unbeerlievable! We worked with Greene King to design this promotional branded box for their beer launch.

Royal Salute Packaging

Packaging on the rocks! This bespoke box includes a silver foil logo and custom inserts to safely hold a sample bottle of whisky and a glass… Neat!

Old fashioned elegance

This is another example of a bespoke with bespoke inserts – we love the branded pattern on the inside of the box.

Ginuinely gorgeous boxes

Will you be the gin to my tonic? This cute box held 4 festive branded baubles that were filled with gin!

Elit packaging

This magnetic closure packaging for Elit ultra luxury Stoli vodka holds two full size bottles of vodka perfectly in place.

Edwards Vodka Boxes

This small, branded carton-style packaging is for an Espresso martini gift set. Cheers to that!

Budweiser boxes

How beer-tiful is this little Prohibition box?


Give it a shot – get in touch with our team of box designers to find the perfect recipe for your alcohol packaging!

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