Thu 8 Nov 2018

#ThinkInsideTheBox: custom boxes for the drinks industry

It’s time to get ginnovative with your alcohol packaging!

We’re loaded with experience in alcohol packaging – you’ll see some spirited examples below of work we’ve created! We apologise in advance for the number of puns in this blog, but it’s worth a shot, right?

Get customers buzzing with these ideas for standing out with alcohol packaging:

Sample away!

Smaller portions are favourable for hampers or small holiday gifts – and great for brands trying out new flavours. Box up a sample for the holidays… or make it a six-pack!

Share more product information

Printing more product details on the box gives the packaging itself value to your customer. Blank space on the inside of the box is wasted – why not add some more information about the product’s USPs?

Order a round

Choosing a rounded box can help offer proof of the size and shape of the contents inside for potential buyers.

 Get creative with inserts

Those precious tipples need to stay snuggled safe in their box until they’re consumed… but safety doesn’t need to be boring!

Utilise bespoke inserts to add value to the unboxing process:

  • Add zingy descriptions of the craft beer or flavoured alcohol that you’re promoting to help bring the flavours to life.
custom beer box
  • Foam inserts will ensure your bottles don’t get smashed and will also make the product appear even more luxurious when the customer opens their box.
  • Use separators with a background image to make customers’ heads spin.

Keep it classy

Even a simple design can make your branding look beertiful and appeal to certain target audiences. This blacked-out Budweiser box is timeless.


Get creative with your design to add a special effect to your box.

It’s in the bag

Boxes are ale well and good, but sometimes it can make a difference to add a gift bag with your product. Alcohol is a popular gift and packaging it in a gift bag makes your product an even better choice for last minute shoppers!

Choose bespoke packaging

Last but not yeast, remember that custom branded boxes will help improve brand awareness, reputation and especially sales!


Design your own custom box online or contact the Packaging Works team with any questions or ideas.


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