Wed 13 Dec 2023

Boxes in all shapes and sizes!

We love a challenge here at Packaging Works, so if you are in the market for weird and wonderful shaped boxes, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Our clients love to get creative with their bespoke packaging designs, and the sky is really the limit when it comes to the types of fun and quirky boxes we can create for you. Whether you need to safely hold a strange-shaped product or want to create a wow-factor during unboxing, we’ve got it in the box!

Here are some examples of bespoke packaging we have designed and manufactured in not-so-typical formats: 

Promotional pout-free packaging

Don’t let this seemingly innocent box fool you, it’s actually quite mouthy inside!

Proper packaging

This custom box design holds six bags of samples of ProperCorn‘s proper-popped lentil crisps for distributing at an event.

Passionate packaging

The outside of this box also doesn’t give away much, but the inside required some sharp thinking: the bespoke foam insert safely houses a knife!

Round packaging

Can you wrap your head around not being square? Try out our tube-shaped packaging solutions if you require a box that holds a round object, like this stunning box for Amaura Candles!

Preview packaging

Do you have a luxury product that customers will want to touch before purchasing it, like this super soft baa-by blanket? We can cut out any custom shape to give your customers a ‘sheep-peek’ of your product!

Unboxing perfection

Bespoke packaging inserts are necessary for a smooth unboxing experience, so if you are creating a gift box with multiple products, we can design solutions that ensure everything is packaged just as neatly as it originally was by the time it comes to your customer opening it!

Flat pack packaging

Do you need packaging that packs away to almost nothing for storage purposes? Try flat pack packaging – this style folds up into a square or rectangle in seconds, yet can be stored flattened down to easily stack away without cluttering your workspace!


Whatever style of custom box you desire, we will not get bent out of shape – we are here to make your packaging creations to come life with boxes in all shapes and sizes! 

Simply get in touch with one of our packaging dorks by emailing your design ideas to

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