Sun 31 Oct 2021

Why you should use your logo on your packaging

Creating a logo which defines your brand is a complex process, as it can be difficult to find a good designer and design. Your logo must be easily transferrable across many mediums, digital and physical.

Your packaging is another element which helps you to sell your products: selecting cartons, boxes, parcels and more is a big decision. You may think just throwing a logo on a box is good enough, but you’d be wrong!

Wherever you’re displaying your products, the packaging must meet two important criteria: it must be secure and usable as well as presentable. The design of your box should reflect the contents, too. High value products must be matched with high quality packaging. This is the same with your logo, it should represent your brand.

Designing your packaging and logo

Developing a brand is a time consuming and weighty task. Deciding which fonts, colour palettes and imagery represent your values can take years – this means you should make sure you use your logo wisely on your packaging. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Making your logo extra-large so it spans the whole of the box, including the sides, is a unique way to feature your logo.
  • Simply placing your logo central is a classic and minimalist way to show your logo off to your clients.
  • Use your logo in a pattern and wallpaper the logo all over your boxes. You could alternate colours, use the pattern on the box lid or cover the box.
  • Accessorising with your logo, like using branded ribbon or branded tissue paper on your boxes.
  • Another way to discreetly show your logo is to emboss or deboss your logo onto your packaging.

Using your logo on your packaging is a great way to make your consumers remember your brand. It can add value to your product and make you stand out from competitors. Have a go at creating your own custom packaging today with our online box designer tool.

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