Mon 11 Jul 2022

What is greenwashing and how can you spot it?

In 2022, most consumers are concerned with making purchases that are better for the environment, but many are simply not doing enough…

The issue is that some businesses try to lure and deceive customers into buying a product by claiming they are a “green” business and that their products and packaging are eco-friendly, even though this is untrue.

What is greenwashing?

When a business makes environment-based claims that are false or deceptive, such as calling its products “organic” or “green” without the evidence to support it, it is known as “greenwashing.”

It’s crucial to remember that “greenwashing” frequently occurs because a corporation doesn’t fully understand the true environmental performance of its products, rather than out of pure trickery. Nevertheless, the level of client trust might still be seriously harmed resulting in losing their business.

How to spot greenwashing?

First off, be wary of any business that makes ambiguous “green” claims. For instance, claiming on their packaging that their products are “eco-friendly,” “all natural,” or “chemical free” without providing any evidence to support these claims.

Other typical means through which businesses may try to fool you about your environmental impact are:

  • The claims are probably inaccurate if they seem overly ambitious, lack supporting evidence, and sound too good to be true.
  • Watch out for words like “free-of,” “non-toxic,” and “clean” on products because there is no definition or regulation on specific criteria, making anything called such regardless of whether it has been proven safe.
  • If it appears that they are merely using the terms “natural” or “green” in order to increase their profits rather than because they are really attempting to protect the environment.
  • Beware of visuals; just because a corporation has a picture of a green plant or an emoji on a product doesn’t indicate it’s sustainable or good for the environment.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly packaging, we take pride in being an eco-friendly packaging supplier and would like to help you fulfil your environmental packaging obligations.

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