Tue 27 Apr 2021

Top tips for summer packaging design

Summer is a desired season, and after lockdown it couldn’t come quickly enough! Alongside sun (and probably rain) is a shift in fashion, colour schemes and trending topics.

The hot weather gives brands the chance to switch things up and create summer special editions or to launch a brand-new product completely. Here are a few things you should take into consideration to create the hottest packaging for this summer season:

Sunny Image

Create summery imagery

The season gives you a chance to completely reposition your product, which can be done by simply changing the artwork. Your packaging is an art form, and recent packaging trends suggest it should tell a story.

In this case you might not even need to completely redesign your packaging, just add a slight summery twist, think ice lollies, sun, fun and all that jazz!

Stay positive and upbeat

It may go without saying but focus on all the great emotions associated with summer. Keep your language light, happy and joyful!

You may also want to add a seasonal discount to your product. Adding leaflets inside your packaging or discount codes on your boxes can make your customers feel rewarded!

Salvation Army LGBT Packaging

Be selective with colour schemes

Summer is often associated with bright, hot, and warm colours but with current trends this might not necessarily be your only choice. Think about what’s going on in your consumer’s world – you may want to create a box specifically for Pride month in June with rainbow colours or something football related for the Euros.

Keep an eye on trends that your consumers will be interested in, but remain authentic: creating packaging associated with events you don’t fully support could have a negative effect on your brands image.



Keep an eye on competitors

Do your competitors change their branding during the summer months? If they don’t, you’re looking at a gap in the market! Think about how your branding will be hot off the shelf with a new summery design. Some companies don’t pay attention to the seasons, but even if your competitors do use summer branding – you should too!

If you would like to switch things up this summer, email info@packaging-works.co.uk with your ideas and we will get back to you with a custom quote as soon as possible. Struggling to get those juices flowing? Take a look at some inspiration here.

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