Thu 25 Mar 2021

The problem with packaging at Easter

Because of the pandemic, many retailers have reduced the cost of their Easter eggs this year, however, sales are still predicted to boom. Whilst celebrating Easter with family can be egg-cellent fun, there remains a problem – the wastage from Easter packaging.

After Christmas, Easter takes place as the most scrutinised holiday for wastage, but what exactly are the specific issues? Just how much packaging do we use at Easter time and how can we improve this?

The facts and the figures:

  • Every year, across the world we discard a whopping 2 billion tonnes of waste, this would take roughly 140 million bin lorries to transport to the landfill.
  • Easter eggs and cards alone in the UK take up over 3,000 tonnes of waste – that’s the equivalent to 3,000 polar bears or small cars!
  • 59% of British adults believe Easter products contain too much packaging and, in a world where people are willing to pay more to be green, this should be taken into consideration.
  • Over 80 million Easter eggs are purchased and eaten in the UK alone, even thinking about that wastage makes us shudder.
  • Research has shown that packaging takes up around a quarter of the weight of a high-street bought Easter egg and each year, companies come under criticism for this.
  • Regardless of the scrutiny, Brits are still predicted to spend about £810 million on Easter, so it’s still a holiday worth promoting.

Easter packaging

How can you prevent wastage with your Easter packaging?

Whilst Easter packaging remains a problem, it’s now 2021 we have solutions for producing your Easter packaging in the form of eco-friendly boxes.

  • Our boxes are completely recyclable, and all of our papers and boards come from suppliers who only source from sustainable, managed forests.
  • We firmly believe in minimising wastage, which is why we offer low minimum orders for our square/rectangular boxes – rare for the packaging industry.
  • For the eco-friendly packagers, the ink we recommend using is vegetable ink, which is recyclable, renewable, and known to release much less pollution than petroleum inks.
  • Don’t forget, if you’re ordering for the first time with Packaging Works, email us with your custom order and quote code YAY4BOXES to receive 10% off your first order of custom boxes!

Easter packaging statistics gives companies food for thought and no business wants to be slated for hating the environment. If you would like to discuss eco-friendly packaging for your Easter campaigns or simply in general, get in touch by packaging by emailing!

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