Fri 29 Apr 2022

Packaging text: What’s your type?

Just like packaging and graphics are an art form, type is too. Typography can transform the simplest of boxes or branding without much effort.

Typography doesn’t just cover the words we use in branding, it’s also about the colours, sizes, shapes and meaning behind your letters. Typography is used on packaging to provide engagement through language, such as inserting mottos, quips, hashtags or experimenting with your logo.

Make the most of your motto

With jingles a thing of the past, mottos can fall short after the branding boardroom but why spend valueable time producing something and not using it. Choose a font which matches your brand and use your motto within your packaging.

Top tip: Whilst simply printing your motto on a box is engaging why not layer it, flip it upside down or use it in a unique pattern on your bespoke boxes for extra oomph!

Bite Me Bright Colourful Box

Shout about your sustainability

Eco-friendly packaging is considered a must by many consumers and whilst many businesses are joining the effort not as many are advertising it. Use your typography to inform your customers on how to recycle your packaging and your efforts to save the planet.

Just remember not to greenwash your clients!

recycle packaging

Totally terrific typographic tissue

Too much type can make a design look crowded and this is not ideal if your branding is simplistic and luxurious, print your words, texts, or logo onto tissue paper for inside of the box. This is a way to still include your text without appearing garish.

Branded tissue paper

Do go round in circles

What you can do with type is infinite, just like a circle – which happens to be one of our favourite types of type arrangement. Adding a curve to your text is a way to elevate your words into something more special, simple, and stylish it’s perfect for a surprise freebie or special edition product.

CIrcular Text

Colour is its own language

Switching up your style every season can be pricey, but there’s simple ways to do so which can be reused year on year. Colour is suggestive of seasons, simply changing your logo to green and red in winter, to burnt orange in autumn is a way to speak through the language of colour.

christmas packaging


Are you feeling textual? Are you ready to look for your type on paper (or package). Send us an email to to discuss all your packaging needs.

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