Thu 23 Dec 2021

New Year, New You, New Packaging!

The announcement of the plastic packaging tax, a new variant of COVID-19 and that annoying picture of the No10 Christmas party are just some of the reasons people want to see the back of 2021. The New Year brings resolutions and goals for most, but what if 2022 is the year you should rebrand or redesign your packaging?

Look back and react

Maybe you’ve had packaging faux pas, a complaint from customers or noticed something not quite right with your branding. Instead of sitting around and winging it, take action.

Our client Vagabond Wines found their samples often being damaged in transit. So, we designed a paint-splattered box, complete with a cardboard protective insert to hold the samples in place to prevent damage in transmit – the wine now arrives in one piece, happy customers, happy you!

Stand out from the crowd…

Life is about challenges, (cringe) and there’s practically no challenge we won’t accept when it comes to creating unique, luxury packaging. So, if you want to try a whacky, crazy shape or colour this year, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

The power of your pound

No one can guess what’s in store for 2022, but unfortunately lots of businesses are still trying to get back on their feet due to the pandemic. Remember the power of your pounds, support your local businesses, and buy British products to help put money back into the economy.

Not to brag but….

Packaging Works offers free delivery to all UK orders, uses only British sourced materials and employs 12 packaging experts in Gateshead. We keep our minimum order low which can help small businesses to design packaging without having to order large amounts.

Eco-friendly products

You are officially behind if you don’t consider the environment in your business plan. But don’t worry, consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, and gone are the days where eco-friendly equals ugly.

It’s time to explore different ways to make your business sustainable and your bespoke boxes are a great starting point. Take a look at some of our tips and tricks for switching to eco-friendly packaging.

Have we given you some food for thought? Contact our team of packaging specialists who can advise on developing the perfect box for you.

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