Wed 29 Jul 2020

How to use display boxes:

Brands are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. Display boxes have been used for years to catch consumers eyes when they are shopping.

Display packaging enhances the visual aesthetic and helps market your product. Display boxes are mostly popular with pharmaceutical brands and food products. If you are wondering why you should use display packaging, here are some reasons why:

Increases your chance of sales and makes you stand out:

When you are in the queue waiting for a purchase and you see a beautiful point-of-sale display stand, it is hard for it not to grab your attention. A display stand can make your product stand out more than just your regular product on the shelf.

lysopadol display stand

Allows customers to easily learn about your product benefits:

A display stand gives you the opportunity to showcase special features of your product. For example, this Buscopan IBS relief box has different sections for each of their products. The display shows the main benefit of each product, which is direct and clear for the consumer.

Display stand constipation

Adds an extra edge for street marketing:

Everybody loves a freebie, but when people approach you in the street with something you may be hesitant to take it. A display box adds a level of authenticity to your product and allows customers to approach it if they like the design.

L'Oreal Street marketing

The boxes are reusable and recyclable:

A point-of-sale display stand can be reused if you do not change the size of your product or its key messaging. Display stands should encompass the same important elements of normal boxes, especially durability and usability. Making sure your display stand is not easily damaged increases the longevity of the stand and can save you money.

Constipation display stand

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