Thu 16 Dec 2021

Frustrating and fun Christmas packaging facts:

Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with our families, but one thing which often slips our minds is the massive clean up afterwards.

It’s not just the cleaning of your house and the kitchen, in fact you should also think about how to clean up the environment and one way to get you on board is to shock you with some festive figures…

What’s Christmas without a tasty turkey? Around 10 million turkeys are consumed across the world during the festive period and in the UK alone, it equates to 19,000 tonnes. 19,000 tonnes of turkey means around 3,000 tons of packaging!


Like it or loathe it, Christmas pudding is here to stay. The controversial dessert first hit British plates in the 14th century and is still eaten to this day. But that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys it – on average, five million Christmas puddings will be discarded each year.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas is something to say cheers too, especially during bleak Covid times, that’s why it’s no surprise an extra 500 million canned drinks are sold over the festive period than any other time of year!

Top eco-friendly tip – choose aluminium cans. If you recycle just one, it can run a Christmas tree’s lights for two hours!

Beer cans

When it comes to wrapping our presents, the UK alone uses around 227,000 miles of wrapping paper, so once again try to use recycled options and eco-friendly packaging. Many brands now use sustainable packaging and it’s easy to locate ethical brands with a quick Google search.

Wrapping Paper

Now, all of that is serious and the festive period is meant to be fun – so we’ll end on a packaging themed Christmas joke…

“Eminem was taken aback and choked up as he unwrapped the beautiful hand-made Christmas sweater. Holding back tears, he turns to 50 and asks…”

“G-g-g-gee, you knit?”

If you plan on starting a new business in 2022 or would like to design some new packaging, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly options for bespoke boxes. Get in touch by emailing today for more information.

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