Mon 23 May 2022

Four creative candle packaging ideas!

Candles are a popular gift or product because of their many functions, sensuality, and appealing design. Customers adore candles for their stimulating smell and soothing ambience, making them one of the most popular year-round purchases.

We have worked with many different small and large businesses to create packaging for candles and fragrances and there are many ways to package them – take a look at some of our favourites:

Little Black Candle Box

The little black box

Black is a beautiful colour that conjures up images of elegance, exclusivity, and even mystery. In the world of packaging, a black box may pop off the shelf and attract the eye considerably more than its brightly coloured rivals, which is why it’s timeless – just like candles.

Branded Candle Box

Branded to perfection

A crisp white box is suggestive of purity and cleanliness like this bespoke box for Atlantic Lights fragrances. The sharp white compliments the complex illustration of the Hebrides and the gold compass suggesting there are many layers to their fragrances.

Eco-friendly box

Eco-friendly vibes

The USP of Amaura candles is their eco-friendly qualities a value which must be reflected within their packaging. Choosing recycled cardboard was an environmentally friendly decision coupled with a foil-printed leaf to show their love of nature.

Black and Gold Box

Black and gold

Silver foil printing can brighten up practically any box, but there’s a reason why black and gold go together so nicely. The combination creates a regal look, which is perfect for this candle box for Grantley Hall visitors.

We can help you design all types of packaging from candle boxes to gift boxes. Contact our expert team today to discuss your ideas and receive a custom quote!

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