Thu 31 Mar 2022

Add the finishing touch to your packaging…

Packaging is so much more than just boxes and bags; it’s about presenting your product to a consumer in a memorable way. But once you’ve designed your box, what next?

Packaging accessories are a great way to elevate your customer’s experience.

Accessories or special extras can add the WOW factor to your product! If your consumers know you’ve gone the extra mile, it can go even further and secure their loyalty.

Magnetic closures

Packaging Works offer a variety of magnetic closures and clamshells, instead of the standard lid or folding boxes. Magnetic closures allow consumers to open your bespoke boxes in a sleek manner.



Do you like ribbons? You’ll LOVE our branded ribbons.

Enhance the unboxing of your beautiful products by pulling the sleeve out with a ribbon or by adding a ribbon handle to a magnetic clasp. Alternatively, you could simply tie the branded ribbon around your box to add a splash of colour.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper

Wrap your products in gorgeous tissue paper, either plain or branded. Tissue paper not only provides a cushion of protection for your products, but it also adds a touch of beauty and luxury to the unboxing process.

gift bags for events

Presentation bags

It’s easy to lose sight of key considerations like practicality when developing stunning boxes. Awkward shaped boxes might be difficult to carry, but including a gift bag can help.

For brand giveaways at events, presentation bags are very popular. They give a touch of luxury while also encouraging customers to take their gifts home.


Embossing and debossing

Embossing imprints a design on the surface of your boxes, whilst debossing elevates the design. Both printing techniques create a visual and physical experience for your custom boxes, giving the boxes a level of sophistication and texture.

Engaging custom packaging

Foil printing

Something that is glossy, silver or gold may appear more fancy than other packaging, which is why luxury companies are a sucker for foil printing. For those who want to push boundaries, we also have foil in a variety of colours, why not use a shiny printed pattern to capture the rainbow?

If you have any questions about blinging your boxes or would like to start designing your packaging, email today or fill out our contact form here.


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