Fri 20 May 2022

Show your appreciation with a custom ‘thank you’ box!

The most effective client presents are not usually the most expensive, they are ones which add personal touches to make clients feel valued. People appreciate custom ‘thank you’ boxes because they demonstrate you care.

A curated ‘thank you’ box is a box of pre-selected and sometimes customised products. Using your own branded box is a good way to reaffirm to your customers who the gift is from and to advertise your services.

Reasons to give your clients a ‘thank you’ box:

They left you a good review

An internet review can go a long way in today’s digital world. Taking the time to assess your business on social media will assist in developing your social media pages, help generate website traffic, and enlighten future clients.

Customers can be thanked by sending them a discount code, a free item, or a service call to show that you’re paying attention and appreciate the time they took to review your business.

You’ve celebrated a work anniversary

A ‘work anniversary’ can begin on the day your client or customer chooses your company and continues every year after that – or it can commemorate the start of your business. It’s already quite typical practice to celebrate work anniversaries in some fashion, so why not do it with a gift?!

They have provided you with a referral

Word-of-mouth has always been and will continue to be the most powerful form of advertising. That remark is backed up by referrals. More importantly, it indicates that your clients and customers are so pleased with your service that they are providing you with free advertising and new business.

They have extended their contract

When a customer places a substantial purchase or entrusts you with a new contract, it’s an excellent moment to express your gratitude for their continuous support of your company. This is especially true in the service industry, where contracts generally imply ongoing payment.

Just to say thanks!

Top tip: you don’t always need a reason! There are some instances in life that defy categorisation, and everybody loves a surprise!

If you’re ready to develop a custom ‘thank you’ box, we can help with the packaging! Contact our team of packaging specialists today!

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