Tue 5 Apr 2022

Choosing the texture for your bespoke packaging

Packaging Works offers a massive amount of choice when it comes to the materials you can design your custom packaging in, in all colours and a variety of textures.

The look and feel of your brand and your packaging should be concise, unique, and stylish, so the choices you make when choosing the material for your custom box are key to getting it right.

Learn about the different textures we can provide for your bespoke branded packaging!

Printed card stock packaging

The standard printed card stock boxes we offer can feature your own custom imagery, colour, and design. Choose from matt, satin or gloss card stock and go wild with your box design!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to printing patterns, adding text and images, and customising a printed box. Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream really shook it up with custom designs printed on every side of their glossy printed packaging!

Textured boxes

Packaging Works also stocks a range of luxury textured stocks for boxes that pop. Choose a rich texture accompanied by a glamorous foil logo for a sophisticated, high-quality box that will delight your customers.

‘Wibalin Flute’ is a textured stock that features parallel lines and is available in nine colours, like this perfect plum packaging we created using our online box designer tool!

Buckram has a more woven feel to emphasise the sturdiness of the packaging, great for products you want to make feel extra secure, like bottles.

Wibalin Natural is for those eco-friendly brands who want their packaging to feel extra ‘green’ and give it a rustic vibe, like this lovely box for Laphroig whisky! It comes in 50 beautiful colours.

For a packaging look that resembles painting, choose ‘Fineline’ which has a brushed feel to it.

GF Colorplan paper stock comes in 55 colours and ten weights to complicate your decision even more! It also evokes a natural feel with a slightly speckled cardboard style texture.


The options can feel almost endless when it comes to making a decision about the materials, design, and style of your bespoke packaging.

Have a look through some of the options using our box designer tool and if you have any questions, would like any samples, or are ready to order your packaging, get in touch for a friendly chat!

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